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Huesca, Spain, Europe
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Spring, Summer, Fall
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A long day
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5.2 (YDS)

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Normal climb
Created On: Aug 10, 2010
Last Edited On: Jul 10, 2011


I write the climb of Aiguille, for more information about the routes you must visit the page of Pico de Alba

Getting There

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Route Description

All the routes of Pico de Alba reach the base of the peak at North or West of the summit. The most popular option (normal) is across a col at North of Tuca Blanca de Paderna with route from La Besurta across la Renclusa. Also it’s possible to reach this point from Baños de Benasque across Ibones de Alba. The long itinerary from Cregüeña reach the gap between 2th and 3rd aiguilles.
Alba and route to Gendarme de AlbaApproach across west face

In the west face of Pico de Alba we walk under the peak to ascent to a small gap under the shoulder south-west, just under Gendarme (aiguille) number one of the ridge. We search a small ridge to descent on right side to the base of Gendarme number two, the real peak of three-thousand meters with more than 10 meters of elevation. We walk a zigzag in narrow terraces to reach a point at right of the small col of the aiguille. We climb the rock to left side (grade II) to reach the small col. In the col the route is evident but dangerous because you must climb just over the edge (grade II or II+). The use of rope and harness is very advisable. The descent is across the same route because the rappel is not very comfortable in this wall with cuts in the rock.
Normal routeNormal climb

Essential Gear

A rope of 30m, helmet, harness, two or three slings with carabineers.

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Normal climb

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