Normal Route from Kopanki Hut

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BABA, Macedonia, Europe
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Created On: Sep 16, 2004
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About Route

Towards north, from the summit of Pelister, at first shallow then ever deeper and steeper valley descends towards northern foot of Baba massif. This descending valley is placed between two ridges that begin at Pelister summit. Eastern ridge is much steeper and wilder. It is used by Ridge Route. Western ridge/crest is much broader in the lower part and under beautiful Molika forest; this is where Normal route ascends. Higher up, above forest line, where broad forested crest begins to turn into sharp ridge, path turns left and enters the upper part of the descending valley, just below the Pelister summit. This is the easiest way towards Pelister summit. Path is broad and gains altitude in not too steep serpentines. Only last 40mins below the summit lead over the bare boulders but even here path exists between them. Nevertheless this is still long route which demands quite good shape.

Kopanki Hut – Pelister (2601m) via the Normal Route: 4h

From the hut head towards the nearby ski slope. At the edge of the slope, closer to the hut, Ridge Route branches left, going up the steep ski slope. Normal route continues over the slope and enters the Molika forest. Broad path traverses the steep slopes almost horizontally, gradually descending. After 30mins you’ll reach the Pelister macadam road. Path descends on it steeply.

Once on the road go left. Road traverses the slopes, going around the steep descending valley which begins below Pelister summit, high above. Once over the creek road turns right and then left, out of the valley. After some 40mins on the road you’ll reach a point where path branches away from the road, going steeply left into the forest.

Through amazingly beautiful Molika Pine forest in which ground is covered with beautiful green grass whole summer, path ascends in long and gradual serpentines. Occasionally, through the ‘hole’ in the forest, view open towards north, upon Strezevsko Ezero lake and extends further over the mountains of central Macedonia. After 1h you are on small grassy terrace from where beautiful view expands also towards west and up the steep slope above, which you have to surmount.

Through the beautiful Molika forest path continues to ascend in same manner, gradually with long serpentines. After some 40mins you are finally above the forest, on the grassy shoulder, which soon, bit above, begins to turn into sharp ridge which leads to the summit of Pelister. You see it from here for the first time, it is still high above.

After few minutes up the grassy shoulder path turns left. Now it traverses open slopes above the same valley which you crossed on the road that is visible in the forest, so far below. These slopes are completely covered with small blueberry bushes. In August there are so many blueberries here that it is unimaginable! In 15mins you’ll reach the flat terrace in the valley. Below the edge of this terrace valley breaks steeply towards northern foot. After few minutes over the terrace path brings you to the excellent water source, which never dries.

Above the source path surmounts small step over which it leads to the upper terrace, 10mins above the lower one. Both of the terraces are also blueberry paradise. Summit is right above.

From the terrace path turns left and over the granite boulder slope it ascends towards the nearby ridge. In 20mins you are there and at the junction where from left ridge route approaches.

Path turns right and after 15mins you are at the foot of the tower. Go left around the building. Entrance is on the southern side and you came from the north. From the building it is few minutes to the visible pyramid on the summit where is memorial plate for Dimitar Ilievski – Murato, first and till now the only Macedonian who climbed Mount Everest.

Normal Route from Kopanki Hut

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