Normal Route from Tschierv

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Grischun / Graubünden / Grisons, Switzerland, Europe
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Normal Route from Tschierv
Created On: Dec 3, 2008
Last Edited On: Dec 3, 2008


Lai da ChazforaLai da Chazfora

The normal route to Piz Dora, which climbs the southern east ridge of the mountain, is a rather long and strenuous affair, when undertaken from the vilage of Tschierv in Val Müstair. With all ups and downs the overall elevation gain exceeds 1500m! The character of the route is a harmless hike, much of it through the dense forests at the lower north slopes of the mountain.

There are two alternatives, the direct one via Funtauna Grossa and Era de la Bescha, the other one via Alp Sadra and the Muntet ridge. The latter is very panoramic, however you have to climb the swampy meadows of Alp Sadra, which is not exactly an amusement. Bouth alternatives combine at Lai da Chazfora to climb the southern east ridge of Piz Dora.

Getting There

See the getting there info on the main page.

Route Description

Piz Dora in front of the Sesvenna Group

  - Start altitude: 1660
  - Summit altitude: 2951m
  - Prevailing exposure: N and E
  - Type: Hike
  - Protection: None
  • Effort: 1550m
  • Power: 2 - Long, strenuous
  • Psyche: 1 - Easy
  • Orientation: 1 - Easy - the only problems might occur at the very beginning of the climb. Fuzzy marks in the forest.

    From Tschierv-Plaz (Tschierv is a village dispersed along the road through Val Müstair, Tschierv-Plaz is where the chuurch is) follow the road in direction Santa Maria (east) until you reach the s-curve through the village. Right behind the curve the path to Funtauna Grossa and Piz Dora starts. Cross a couple of fences and hike through a horse pasture within the forest of Tschierv. The marks are very old here so take special care. Finally you'll have to climb the final fence and find yourself on a dirt road, which heads up through the forest from the village of Fuldera. Turn right and follow the road which performs a 180° switchback and leads to an intersection.

    Funtauna Grossa Alternative

    Funtauna GrossaFuntauna Grossa

    Turn right and a few steps will take you to the cabin near Funtauna Grossa. The path directly heads up the slope of Piz Dora. It heads through the forest until you reach Era de la Brescha at 2200m. From here onwards the path is out in the open and heads through meadows and later across rocks. Two dike-like features have to be climbed and after tthe second one you find yourself at Lai da Chazfora underneath Piz Turettas.

    Alp Sadra Alternative

    Rock-HoppingMuntet Ridge with Piz Dora behind

    From the intersection turn left and follow a long and winding dirt road, which eventually leads to Alp Sadra. Here turn right and head across a large meadow in werstely direction. The meadows are very boggy and it's no fun to climb them. Also, cattle, who are razing there during the summer, leave their imprints all over the track. In three wide swings the path takes you to the Muntet ridge, which is an extension of the Piz Dora east ridge, heading towards Santa Maria. Follow the ridge, which leads directly to Lai da Chazfora. It consists of big boulders so a little rock-hopping will be required.

    Piz Dora Southern East Ridge

    Rocky passageRocky passage
    Piz MurtarolPiz Murtarol
    Descent along the east ridgeEast ridge descent

    You may ask what a "southern east ridge" might be: from the Piz Dora summit two ridges lead eastward. The normal ascent leads along the southern one. From Lai da Chazfora turn westward and follow the marks across a grass covered high plateau. The path leads to the base of the mountain, to the south of the Las Chunas couloir, which separates the two east ridges. Follow the ridge to the summit. The climbing gets somewhat uncomfortable near the top, especially when parts of the summit are still snow covered.

    Essential Gear

    Hiking gear is sufficient.


  • Normal Route from Tschierv

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