Normal route from Valsorey Pass

Normal route from Valsorey Pass

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 45.88990°N / 7.25110°E
Route Type: Valsorey P: hike, easy climb to join the glacier
Time Required: One to two days
Difficulty: Easy climb, after glacier, crevasses, seracs


From the left, the Mont Gelè and the Morion Group seen from the Rosazza Bivouac, m. 2651, normal italian route to Mont Velan

From Aosta town, take the road that brings to the Gran San Bernardo Pass; a few kilometers after Aosta, turn right, s.s. 27 direction Valpelline, in Valpelline follow Ollomont-Glassier, and park when the road finish. Here (m. 1549) you start finding the indication to Conca di By. Bring the large path and walk up easily till a small church; turn now left, and cross the top of a small dam, following some path trial till a farmer road.
Follow the road that brings to Alpe Porchère Inferiore m. 2094. Continue toward the Tsa de Porchère, m. 2298. After these farm houses, the path follows a water pipe, along the slopes of the Boegno Bas. At this point there are two ways: one of them, follows the Boegno Bas ridge, easy but steep, the other enters in a small valley, left side of the Boegno Bas ridge: at the end, the Rosazza Bivouac, the new built in 2003 at the place of the old Savoie Bivouac. ( m. 2651, level 1105 m, 3 hours)

Route Description

Leave the bivouac and follow a small path, that enters in the left valley. Look for some path trials, and follow them till the Valsorey Pass; take care, on your left some stone falls are possible.
The path is very steep, and when you are close to the Pass (m. 3107, approx one hour from the bivouac), keep your left, higher respect the Pass. Follow the left ridge for a while, and come down on the Valsorey Glacier; leave the Corni del Velan on your left, and walk up on the steep iced cup.

Essential Gear

Normal high mountain equipment: rope, axe, crampons

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Route Comment

The warning about stonefall hazard, arriving next to Valsorey pass, could be completed with snow-ice danger due to the huge cornice that usually dominates this side of the pass. So carefully look after it while ascending the gully before you leave it leftwards. But things might have changed since I climbed aug.1978, starting from Savoie bivouac.

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