Normal route (via Grouse and Dam peaks)

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Normal route (via Grouse and Dam peaks)
Created On: Jul 28, 2003
Last Edited On: Aug 25, 2003


To get to the base of the climb you can do either the Grouse Grind a three hour (800m vertical) hike or take the gondola to the top from the parking lot at the base of the Peak. From the top follow the road that leads around to the left of the ski hills.
The trailhead is essentially just at the base of the ski hills right outside the chalet.

Route Description

You follow the groomers road around to the left of the ski hills... there is a big valley which stretches to your left that you parallel for maybe 45minutes to an hour. It is a pine filled valley with little of the beautiful old growth monarchs that used to dominate the area remaining.
The trail eventually spills out onto the top of Dam mountain (1341m)... essentially a rocky plateau with an unimpeded view down to the base of Crown, and of the peak itself.
The path hugs the norheast and is easy to lose... however it is a quick descent and relatively straighforward and to get lost one would need to be blind... the valley at the base is maybe 20m wide and Crown dominates the entirety of it.
When you get to the valley floor (Crown Pass) there is a trail that heads east for maybe 3-5 minutes and then it heads upwards on the mountain paralleling a 200m high cliff. the trail will move westwards until you hit the spine and then onto the summit itself... if you want to ascend the crown or 'camel' as it is also known a few biners and some rope would be a good idea.
The trail is just over 9 km round trip so budget a full half day and if hiking up the 'Grouse Grind' a full day would be the wisest path.

As a caution always be on the lookout for bears they are known to frequent the valley. I have seen their leavings on more than one occasion.

Essential Gear

Rigid boots, maybe a chalk bag and always both warm weather and rain gear as the weather can turn on a dime in the coast mountains, Other than that an ice axe may be a good idea if it is early spring... even crampons but otherwise no technical equipment is required.

Miscellaneous Info

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Normal route (via Grouse and Dam peaks)

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