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Vaudoise, Switzerland, Europe
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Hike / Scramble ...winter PD I / II
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Less than two hours

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Normal route
Created On: May 26, 2003
Last Edited On: May 26, 2003


See western coulior approach, then get yourself to the to the southern shoulder of Dent du Jaman and locate the pole with yellow walking signs. For start of route.

Route Description

At the southern shoulder get to the pole with the yellow walking signs to start.

**In Summer conditions, Just follow the well walked track up the side of Jaman at about 1800m the track gets a bit harder requiring hand over hand scrambling.
This continues to about 10ms below the summit at this point you can go either left or right, left is the "normal / easy" way, right is a bit harder with a bit of a drop off.
The track moves a bit around the face to the west giving a bit of air to the hike. It is very easy for any one with mountain experience and a bit harder for those without. Becareful of loose rocks (which there is a lot of) either under your feet or being kicked down from groups above, remember most of people doing this route are just hiker not mountaineers and do not always think !!!
If you would like a practice rope work there are a few bolts to the left of the track (look for them in the rock out crops the first one is at about 1820m) I'm not really sure why they are there but they are there.

** In winter if the track is not visible cut a straight line to the summit from the sign, then follow the logical route to the summit which moves to the west from about 1800m. As with summer becareful of loose rock, just before the summit once again you can go either right or left, if you choose right becareful because there is not much of a ridge for the snow to hold onto and it is not that high hence it will be a bit soft. To the left there is a small slab (about the size of a large dinning table, watch out for verglas).
As above there are a few bolts to the side of the route.

On the whole the route is easy and safe, but a out of control slip / slide or fall could be very """Bad"""" from then mid point on.
I my view it would be a good place to teach beginner in winter conditions.

Essential Gear

Hiking boots, walking pole.

Crampons and a Axe or walking pole.

Miscellaneous Info

A good low commitment route with easy access if you use the train, to get a handle on Alpine style routes.

Normal route

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