normal ski route from Juf

normal ski route from Juf

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 46.44507°N / 9.58025°E
Route Type: Skiing
Season: Spring, Winter
Time Required: Most of a day
Difficulty: GAS (good alpine skier)


This is a quite popular route in the Avers valley and because of the hidden nothern valley possible for a very long time of the year.

Getting There

Starting point is Juf (2126m). See main page how to get there.
Jufhighest village of Switzerland

Route Description

on route to Piz Piotno sun in the valley
on route to Piz Piotabove the first narrow part

From Juf follow the valley along the eastern border of the creek (that is the "Jufer Rhein", one of the source rivers of the major river Rhine) up to the steep and narrow part (P. 2397m). Best is to bypass this part on the left.

still shadow in Januaryfollowing the valley
first sunnear Piot glacier

Then follow the valley till it becomes rather flat at Piot glacier. Turn SW to reach Piotjoch pass (2822m).

near Piotjoch passnear Piotjoch pass

traverse on the west sidepassage to west ridge
up to the ridgeup to the ridge

Now you have to traverse beneath the West summit to gain its west ridge (see picture).

on the ridgeon the broad ridge
on the ridgeto the main summit

Follow the broad ridge (more a slope) to the west summit. Leave ski there and follow the easy ridge (be careful because of corniches) to the main summit.

Downhill on the main route. But if conditions are good you can traverse the mountain to the north and ski down from a point before Jufer Joch pass (2766m) to the left to the ascent route.
look to the main summitfrom west to main summit

Essential Gear

Crampons and ice axe can be necessary if there is hard snow at the steep slope to the west ridge. Ski crampons are often necessary in spring
Of course normal avalanche equipement.

General data

- Start altitude: 2126 m
- Summit altitude: 3053 m
- Prevailing expositions: N
- Type: ski tour GAS
Effort (ascent), 940 m ascent, 3,5 h
avalanche danger moderate
best time if there is enough snow: possible fom December to June !

route sketch

route sketchroute sketch