Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 32.03910°N / 106.533°W
County: Dona Ana
Activities: Hiking
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Elevation: 5388 ft / 1642 m


North Anthonys Nose is the highest peak in the Franklin Mountains that lies within New Mexico. It is a rugged desert peak and the easiest route involves scrambling up a canyon with a few dryfall areas and plenty of cactus. The primary route has two distinct sections. The first section follows the Sierra Vista trail. which follows an old jeep trail and gains very little elevation. The second part of the hike involves off-trail hiking up a dry canyon while gaining ~1000 vertical feet.

Rugged TerrainTypical terraced and rugged terrain of the northern Franklin Mtns

The views from the top of North Anthonys Nose are quite impressive. Looking to the north you can see the Organ Mountains rising proudly from the desert floor just east of Las Cruces. The small terraced peak on the western end of the range is Bishop Cap. In the opposite direction, the Franklin Mountains of El Paso rise steeply on the other side of NM 404.

Organ Mountains from North Anthonys NoseThe Organ Mtns from the summit of North Anthonys Nose
Franklin Mountains from North Anthonys NoseThe Franklin Mtns on the hike in to North Anthonys Nose

Getting There

The easiest approach to North Anthonys Nose involves following the Sierra Vista Trail from NM 404. From exit #162 on Interstate 10 between Las Cruces and El Paso head east for 4.2 miles to a gated access road on the north. The gate is well maintained and provides access to some fenced exposed white pipes and to the BLM TH for the Sierra Vista Trail. I assume you're more interested in the TH, so open the gate, drive through, and shut the gate. Drive between two fenced pipe areas and head to the left. Turn quickly right (next to another nice gate, that serves no purpose) and follow this road for 0.15 miles to the parking area. Tie up your horse, get your hiking shoes on, and hit the trail!

Sierra Vista TH parkingParking for the Sierra Vista TH and the hike up North Anthonys Nose

Red Tape

Typical BLM restrictions apply.


BLM camping restriction apply.

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