North face

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Huesca, Spain, Europe
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North face
Created On: Jan 8, 2010
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Route Description

Leaving the track
The first coluouir
Second coulouir
Exit of second coulouir

The normal route of the peak goes in the North face. It’s not frequent the normal approach in the Pyrenees across the North face because the snow remain more time, but the route from South is less frequented and even a little bit confuse to follow.
The Ibon de Asnos has three approaches:
-short way: paying the cable-way of Panticosa that it works even on summer.
-long way: walking from Panticosa across the tracks of ski-resort out of winter season, following some paths crossing the tracks near of cable-way.
-by car: in the small village of Hoz de Jaca you can drive across a forest track. It’s interesting if you have a resistant car (it’s not necessary a 4x4) and you don’t wnt to pay the cable way but it’s only advisable to the people of the area with your own car.

In the Ibon de Asnos we turn to left bordering the peak Mandilar to get the track that comes from Hoz de Jaca, under the great towers of cable-way. The track turns to left descending to an area near of Ibon de Sabocos but you leave the track before the lake in a small path with two cairns on right side. Walking to the upper part of the hillside you turn to left walking in horizontal at level in direction to the col just under the peak Sabocos. You must be careful leaving the paths to Peña Roya also with cairns on right side. In the col you see a great coulouir in front of you with the summit still far on left side, but after a little descent you don’t walk the coulouir. You can see on left side a few of cairns signalling the access to a ramp and a terrace just above the coulouir. Walking the rocky terrace you reach the wide coulouir of stones of Sabocos. The summit ridge is in right side but the easier route is the walk of the coulouir among a lot of stones following a small path to the bottom of some cracked rocky spuns. You must search the cairns with a lot of attention to climb a spun turning to right side to a wall with small terraces and a new easy climb. You reach finally the shoulder of the ridge. In the wide ridge the walk is very easy to the summit in left side with marvellous landscape. The descent is across the same way and you must be careful with the stones if you have somebody under you. In winter or spring the wide couluoir had snow and it requires the use of crampons and ice-axe in a ramp of 40º.

Essential Gear

Crampons and ice-axe at the end of winter and early Sping when the snow remains in its North face (couluoir of 40º)

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North face

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