North route

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Location Lat/Lon: 46.68600°N / 13.14670°E
Additional Information Route Type: Steep rock climb (in sommer), Very demanding Rock/
Additional Information Time Required: Most of a day
Additional Information Difficulty: II
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You have a view startpoints in the Drautal (between Spittal and Lienz). You can drive till the E.T. Compton Hütte if you start in Bruggen. (That's on the south side of the drautal) To get in Bruggen you drive on the mainway between Spittal and Lienz.(streetnr : 100) When you are in Greifenburg you take the route to Wiessensee. After 5km you are in Bruggen, then you just follow the many marks till you are at the E.T. Comton Hütte. That is a Oeav house. It can also being reach from Berg in Drautal (that's on the main street in the center between Lienz and Spitall) or from Kreuzberg (That's on the point were the street to Weissensee split with the street to Hermagor). But on this last two routes you can't drive untill the Hütte. All routes are easy to follow because there are many marks.

Route Description

Now we're at the E.T. Compton Hütte at 1585 meter and have a very nice view at the rocks of are goal for today. After leaving the E.T. Comton Hütte the route starts very easy, after 1/4h it goes slight up (but still quiet easy) Now we have the rocks in front of us, and it doesn't look easy anymore. Thank God the route change direction and we start climbing on the left side of the main rocks. After 3/4h the route turns to the main rocks and from then on it's getting risky. Now we start the real climb, steep rocks and no vissible route makes the Reisskofelscharte very demanding. Some parts are secured with steel ropes. From know on we go to the right side over steep rocks and we win quiet fast alot of hight. Sometimes it's a bit scary to see on both how deep you can fall. Ofcours you have to make sure that every steep you take is on a rock that can hold you. After a little hour we're on the main summit. When you have the luck of a clear sky, than you have one of the most beautifullest views towards to Gailtal, Drautal, Kruezeckgrüppe, and the Karnische Alps. The route down is the same like the acsent (remember the car is still at or near the E.T. Compton hütte. When you are at the summit you are already thingking how to get down. The descent takes the same (or even more) time like the acsent. Cause of the broken and sometimes wet rocks you have to be very carefull.

Essential Gear

What do you need : Good footwear, and a clear sky, now fear, and some experience is also welcome. When you take a kid with you, than you need some secure material.
This mountain isn't easy to climb, lots of unprepared tourists already lost there live on this mountain.

Miscellaneous Info

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