North Sister SW Ridge

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North Sister SW Ridge
Created On: Mar 13, 2012
Last Edited On: Mar 15, 2013

North Sister SW Ridge September 13, 2011

Starting our climb on to North Sister
Starting on to the south west ridge of North Sister
View between North and Middle Sister s saddle
 The saddle between North and Middle Sister looking at Broken Top, Bachelor, and South Sister

North Sister s red rock.
 The loose red martian looking rock on North Sister
A look of what is ahead climbing North Sister.
 The long south west ridge

Looking up South West ridge on North Sister.
 The south west ridge, you can see the summit now

North Sister south west ridge.
 Hey, look there is the summit!
Rough terrain heading up North Sister.
 One of the many rock gullys on this route
Standing on North Sister with Middle and South in background.
 Pic of myself with South Sister and Middle Sister looming behind me

Climbing around large rock on North Sister.
 Don't be fooled, this is not a man made trail

Obstacles heading up North Sister.
 Another rock gully
More steep slope heading up North.
 More rock gully
Glacier lake near Collier Butte
 Glacier lake of the west face of the mountain

Interesting rock colors of North Sister.
 Interesting rock feature. Science nerds probably would love this mountain
Climbing over some rock walls near summit on North Sister.
 Climbing over a rock wall near top
The last few obstacles to North Sister s summit.
 The rest of the way to summit. We stopped here
Looking down North Sister s south west ridge to Middle Sister.
 The view of the ridge we climbed with Middle Sister directly behind

My summit pic at our summit for North Sister.
 Summit pic from our summit

Descending North Sister.
 Helping my partner navigate the loose rocks

Sitting on rock wall descending North Sister.
 Resting on a rock wall before climbing down
Stiff arming Middle Sister
 Stiff arming Middle Sister
View from North Sister SW Ridge
You are rewarded with great views climbing North Sister

Heading down dangerous east face of North Sister
 Climbing down the face on to a ice sheet. Really dangerous recommend staying on the ridge
Rock Slide on North Sister.
 My partner dislodged this rock during a dangerous moment on the mountain
Pic in front of North Sister.
 Pic of myself with previously climb North Sister in the background

North Sister SW Ridge


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