Northern route

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VELEBIT/Zadar County, Croatia, Europe
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Hike, some rock climbing
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Half a day
Walk up

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Northern route
Created On: Oct 17, 2003
Last Edited On: Nov 28, 2003

About Route

Prezid (768m) – Tatek Refuge (1137m) – Crnopac (1404m): 4.15h
This is amazingly picturesque route which will take you to the summit of Crnopac through its northern slopes which are amazing display of karst artistry, some of the most beautiful on whole Velebit. After the refuge trail is not easy. There are many ups and downs, on places it is rock and boulder scramble or even pure rock climbing, which is not technical but ads even more spice to this beautiful route. Be careful, by the trail there are some chasms which disappear in blackness of Velebit bowels. Ridge section between western and main summit is very panoramic with views that expand few hundred kilometers on clear days.

Prezid - Crnopac refuge: 1.30h

Trail begins on the northern side of Prezid pass, around kilometer from the tunnel in Gracac direction. How to get there see on main page.

First 40mins marks are on macadam road which cuts along the NW slopes of Crnopac, gaining altitude quite steeply. Road is in the mixed beech, maple and other trees forest so there are no view except on one spot where you get to see Lika bellow and Velebit, lead by Sveto Brdo.

At the end of the road marks turn right into the beech forest. Ascent is gradual and in 10-15mins you reach junction towards Kita Gacesina (1227m) peak.

Path now begins to ascent more steeply through very beautiful beech forest with high trees. In 30mins you are at next junction which is Mali Princ circular trail through the karts of northern side of Crnopac. Immediately behind the junction you reach Tatek refuge, 1.30h from Prezid.

Crnopac refuge - Veliki Bat (western summit): 1.30h

Trail toward Crnopac turns little bit right just before refuge so for continuation return little bit to the path. It immediately descends some 50m into small basin and on begins to ascent steeply on the other side. After steep 20mins through nice beech forest path reaches small viewpoint from where is beautiful view on Crnopac and wilderness all around.

Few minutes behind viewpoint path passes by deep chasm with eternal snow at its bottom. In next 5mins marks reach the foot of tower and you ascent steeply, passing just bellow it and further over large boulders you reach the small pass, 50mins from the refuge. Right in front of you are cliffs of Crnopac but in between are quite deep holes.

Now you have 2 options, 1st goes left climbing over the panoramic rocky ridge while second continues straight descending and ascending steeply through the holes two times before both variation meet again after some 10mins. Both variations are very nice but if you are here for the first time take ridge variation where you have beautiful view and marks pass just by another deep black chasm.

Both variations meet bellow the short climbing section. After some 20mins of steep ascent you will reach the Western summit (1385m) of Crnopac, 1.30h from refuge.

Veliki Bat - Crnopac: 1.10h

Third section or this route will take you to the main summit. Marks descent steeply over mixed grass and rock terrain into the hole bellow the summit. Then marks turn left and ascent to the sharp ridge which divides this hole from the next one. After descending into it there is another climb through short couloir and further over rocky terrain to the ridge on the left, 25mins from western summit.

In next 30mins, till you reach pass bellow main summit, marks hold on to the panoramic ridge, going up and down few times. On the pass is important junction where our path is joined by Southern route from the right.

Above the pass there is steep but short climb till ridge levels and further panoramic walk to the summit, 10mins from the pass, 1.10h from Western summit, 2.40h from refuge and 4.10h from Prezid.