Northwest Ridge

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Created On: Jul 25, 2010
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The Northwest ridge of Mount Mahogany is a fun, rarely used, and scenic route to get to the top of Mount Mahogany. The trail follows the ridge looking down into American Fork Canyon and the surrounding mountains. It is a very steep hike and sometimes goes over loose dirt making a few slips a real possibility. Like the rest of Mahogany the route offers solitude as most hikers are on nearby Timp.

Getting There

From I-15 take exit 284 to Alpine, Highland, and Cedar Hills. From the off-ramp turn left onto SR-92 and follow until reaching the mouth of American Fork Canyon. Follow the canyon for just a bit until reaching a gravel turn off in the road. Park here.

Route Description

From the parking lot start heading back West along the road back to the mouth of the canyon and start climbing onto the mountain. The trail doesn't exist until farther up on the ridge so just find a suitable place to climb up towards the ridge. Once reaching the ridge a you should find a trail that follows the ridge up, up, up. The trail is hard to follow so as long as you stay near the ridge you are fine. The whole way up the trail offers stunning views looking down into American Fork Canyon, and their are some drop-offs you need to be careful of.
The Ridge will take you clear to the top of the northernmost peak.

Once Reaching the North Peak you have the option of heading back down or continue traveling South along the wide ridge towards the middle peak, the highest point of the mountain. The ridge takes quite a dip before going to the top, so your climbing isn't quite over yet. Once you reach the top you will be stunned by the gorgeous view of Timp to the east, and Utah Valley to the west.

Note: Cedar Hills Golf Club owns some of the property on Mahogany Mountain so make sure to steer clear of that. Also make sure to avoid the Weather Station that is located on the north side of the mountain.

Essential Gear

Lots of Water. Mahogany gets hot in the summer and there are no creeks to refill your water supply. 3 liters should be sufficient.

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Northwest Ridge

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