NV's Red Rock Alps

As clouds hang silently over southern NV's Red Rocks NCA, a moment
to reflect on the unending forces of geologic time.

While hiking/climbing on the awesome 7,000+ feet high escarpment in
the background, it's not easy to ignore the special geology here - the
grayish blue of limestone, and the creamy reds, yellows, and browns of
the Aztec Sandstone.

You will soon notice in many areas the limestone is on top of the
sandstone, despite the fact that the limestone is hundreds of millions
of years older than the sandstone (usually older rocks are underneath
the newer ones). This arrangement is possible thanks to the 'Keystone
Thrust Fault.' Beginning 65 million years ago, the pressure from
continental plate movement began to thrust the older limestone OVER
the younger sandstone.

In the background, from left-to-right: Mount Wilson, Rainbow Peak, Rainbow Wall, Sandstone Bluffs, Bridge Point and Bridge Mountain.

(March 16, 2008 - Elevation = 1,524 meters)


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