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Vid Pogachnik

Vid Pogachnik - Nov 4, 2019 12:51 am - Voted 10/10

Wonderful page of a wonderful mountain!

Hi Michael!

Thanks for posting another great page - Hochvogel really deserves to be on SP! There's not much to add. Of course, there's always a dilemma whether to post for more important routes their own pages or to put those descriptions on the main mountain page. I'm more an advocate of separate route pages - so they can be searched by various attributes. But minor routes I'm also putting on their mountain pages.

You embedded also an OpenTopo map on the page - as a picture. If you wish - and I'm recommending you to try - you can embed also a live map frame. Here is the code I use:

Show a bigger map

So, you simply go in OpenTopo map, get the map you want to be seen on your SP page and capture its link from the browser's command line. Then you replace it two times in the above code - just replace the https://opentopomap.org/#marker=14/46.39040/13.85436 with your captured values. The code creates a frame of 880 x 620 pixels, but you can change that. And, of course, to embed the code, you must be (when editing the page with the New Editor) in the SOURCE CODE mode (click View --> Source Code). But you know this, I guess, because I see on the Hochvogel page some source code which you still need to correct to work properly:
> At Hochvogel routes overview:
> At Weather:



selinunte01 - Nov 4, 2019 3:43 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Wonderful page of a wonderful mountain!

Hi Vid,

thanks for your comments, they are always welcome.
I fixed the source codes of the Hochvogel page so they work properly now. Don´t know why they did not work right from the beginning....
For some of my next pages I will try the source code for the Openstreetmaps, I like the look of these maps better than Google Maps. So your advice was really helpful and in time.

As to the route pages, I know we sometimes have different views of that topic. I always try do give a "routes overview" on the mountain page. Mostly I stop there. If there is a very special route I will create a route page in the future. We had this discussion on my Kaltwasserkarspitze page some years ago and as both routes on Kaltwasserkarspitze are special I will rework the whole thing if I master the traverse next year. I will create soon a route page of Werner-Rietzler-Steig on Thaneller, another special route. I would have created a Bäumenheimer Weg page for Hochvogel but sadly enough this route is closed. My approach might not meet the idea of mountain and route pages in the first place but I have to deal with restricted time, too ..... a real mess :-)

I nearly recovered from my bad cold and I hope to be out next weekend - happy climbing for you, Michael

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