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Lambert geodesic system :

lat : 4941,4 / long : 953,8

UTM system, sector 32 (approx. measured on the map...) :

lat : 1966.2 / long : 954.0

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The Val d'Escreins territory, where the remainings of the old villages may be seen, has been transferred, as a private territory, to the University of Marseille, now in charge of its preservation, and using this portion of land as an extensive research site as well.

You MAY NOT camp anywhere, nor light any fire. Camping places are strictly designed. During summer climbs, mind about water...!!!! The volume of moraine and various rock deposits makes running water sometimes tricky to find. So always take with you a sufficient water supply (at least 2 l.).

Thus saying for those who would prefer the usual stone bombing of the "nice" season....Scramble there before mid july, always use a helmet, take a very early start, and a quick rythm to get to the top. Or prefer the northern snow covered gullies (from lac Ste Anne area), but the same : cold, bright weather, and a hurry-up climb.

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