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crush - Feb 26, 2005 12:25 am - Hasn't voted

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First Air flies daily from Montreal to Kuujjuak, $1300 canadian dollars return. From there you charter a twin otter from Air Inuit for approx $4400 canadian dollars one way. This drops you off in the Korok river valley near it's source. From there you cross the river (up to your waist) and hike to the "Valley of the Lost" which then you hike up to the basecamp area at the foot of the mountain (approx 20km total to the basecamp) - pretty easy hike, very beautiful. The brush comes up to your knees most of the time, rarely up to your waist. We actually canoed to the valley, left the canoes at the korok tribuitary that flows down the valley, and hiked up to the basecamp region at about 700 metres elevation. The hike from the korok river to the basecamp is 8km and takes 3 hours. From the basecamp you follow a stream between two ridges and hike up to the small football field via the south central ridge (so named by Andrew Lavigne of Ottawa). From there you summit via the Minaret ridge, a pretty scary looking ridge but scrambled in 15 minutes by Joel Cyr of Montreal in august 2004. We spent 2 hours on the football field soaking up the views (can see the icebergs on the labrador sea) before descending. Total time: leaving basecamp at 6am, summit at 1pm, descend at 3pm, back at basecamp at 6pm. All done leisurely in beautiful sunshine - add more time if the weather is bad.

Way out: the cheap way is to canoe to the mouth of the koroc in Ungava bay and get a freighter canoe pickup to George River where you can get an Air Inuit scheduled flight back to Kuujjuak.


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Coordinates are off 25 miles

Your coordinates are off by 25 miles. The correct coordinates are: 58.8867, -63.7125

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