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BLong - Oct 19, 2008 12:45 pm - Voted 10/10

Additional Information

Here is a write-up I did on Ipala a year ago. Feel free to add any of it to the main page.

A small volcano featuring a beautiful crater lake, easily accessible from eastern of Guatemala. Amenities include basic bathrooms, picnic tables, BBQ stands, and a dock heading into the lake (bring your own tent). Visiting the volcano would be a great way to spend a weekend with a group of people interested in getting into outdoors, but with limited experience.

To access the trailhead, take a bus to Agua Blanca (a municipality in Jutiapa). From Agua Blanca make your way to the Aldea Sauce - the actual starting point for the trailhead. You can catch a pick-up to the Aldea, as pickups heading towards the Aldea and the volcano are fairly common. If you carry a lot of gear, you could actually get a ride within a 30 minute walk of the summit. If you plan on doing this, it may be the best option to pay for a halon from the center of Agua Blanca.

Alternatively, you could easily walk to the volcano in about 2 hours along a dirt road heading due north out of Agua Blanca. To do this, head towards the small hill visible just outside of Agua Blanca - Cerro Monte Rico. Pass the Cerro on the left, continuing straight towards the volcano. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions along the way.

While gun-toting Micro drivers may warn you about thieves and security issues on the volcano, we encountered nothing but incredibly nice people the entire trip. We left the Agua Blanca around 4:30 P.M., took a halon about half way up the road, and were able to make camp as the sun set. The volcano is developed, including houses near the summit which sell leña. ADISO (Association Para el Desarrollo Integral Sostenible de Oriente adiso@mail1.intelnet.net.gt 7924-8030) handles visitors at the lake in a very sustainable and professional manner. I believe the project actually is an old Peace Corps project.

Volcán Ipala is briefly mentioned in the Guatemala Lonely Planet, and the Rough Guide. According to the Rough Guide to Guatemala “The lake is said to contain unique species of Mojarra Fish, which apparently has six prominent spines on its back,” although we will never know if it exists as ADISO doesn’t allow fishing.

For more information contact ADISO


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Re: Additional Information

You added great and complete information, I will add to the main page of course... Thanks a lot man.

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