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K2 (8611m)

On Gasherbrum II

Spantik 7027-M

Baltoro Rock Towers

Marble Peak (6256m), Karakoram, Pakistan

Chogolisa Group from Ali Camp

Laila Peak from Xhuspang Camp

Trango Towers Group, Karakoram, Baltistan


K2 from K2-BC route

Views from the Top of Gondogoro Pass

Gasherbrum Peaks

Gasherbrum I seen from the...

Lobsang Spair Peaks, Baltoro Glacier, Karakoram, Baltistan, Pakistan

K2 from the junction of Vigne...

Mitre Peak Karakoram

Warm evening sunlight after a...

Trango Nameless Tower (6239m), Karakoram, Pakistan

Gasherbrum-IV (7925-M), Karakoram, Pakistan

Baintha Brakk 7,285 m (ogre)

The Northeast Face of Muztagh Tower

Mitre seen from a place close...

Gasherbrum IV

Laila Peak

K2 8611m

Photo # 2. The avalanche has...

Trango Towers Group

Shimshal Whitehorn at night

k2 from Concordia-k2 BC route

Masherbrum (7821-M) Karakoram

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Viewing: 1411-1440 of 1472