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Labeled Right Sierra Crest Panorama from Pat Keyes Trail

Some dude named Mike about to reach the summit of Tower Peak

Skier looking down into the...

Red Peak Survey Marker

Creek on the way to Dragon Peak

the dunes

Army Pass, across Cottonwood Lake #5

Our trail

alpenglow on Middle Palisade,...

The North American Wall on El...

Half Dome Close Up

Yosemite Valley on the...

Labeled Panorama from Telescope Peak

Rock formations on the...

Monty at the top of the tunnel behind the chockstone

Klare Spring Petroglyphs

Above Treeline

Looking up the right couloir...


Bump on a Ridge

The Ahwahnee Ledges Route...

Early light on Mount Dana,...

Sunday Peak 2008-12-06

Mt. Whitney Fire

Sid and Dave Scrambling up Boundary ridge

North from Mount Whitney

Eddy nearing the end of P2

Matthes in early morning light

Mount Whitney. D. Halley

Sign in front of Devils Postpile

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Viewing: 151-180 of 14200