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9/11 Mount Grant Memorial Challenge

The beginning of the Army Pass Descent

The hut on top of Muir Pass...

view from the top of Mount Dana, 07/18/2007

Adam on edge overlooking...

Lone Pine Peak as seen from...

Mt Agassiz Summit - 9/11/2006

conness glacier and centrral couloir with its bergshrund, 07/19/2007

Ascending along base of cliff above glacier

Its deep


Bastille Buttress. The...

Senior Wall Topo

Mount Langley's Winter Pass Route

SW Face Mt. Starr King

Snowslopes lead to the top

Peak 12,330k

Labeled Right Sierra Crest Panorama from Pat Keyes Trail

Conness from Sawmill Camp

Glacier Point as viewed from...

Summit Shot. Perfect Day!...

Looking down the first pitch...

Labeled Palisades and Glaciers above Big Pine

NE Gully

Lone Pine Peak

View of the Alta Peak/Pear...

upper chute

Looking Back

Red Peak from the Illilouette Creek canyon

Shepherds Pass, June '02.

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