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There is a trail here-promise

Summit, Mt. Conness

North Gully of Chittenden Peak

Senior Wall

View From The Top

Storm over Mt Conness

Danger sign warning of Lightning

conness glacier and centrral couloir with its bergshrund, 07/19/2007

Me (Brian) standing atop...

Mt. Rose

Lake Tahoe from high on the TRT

Where you start / stop walking

To the right of this slab is...

Cathedral Bowl June 24. Route...

Me at the top

Looking South Past Pinnacles

Start of the Hunter Creek Trail

Skiers ascending the upper...


Rocks along the trail

Mokelumne Peak 6/6/2008

The Red Slate Couloir falls...

Mt Reba, east side

First View of Half Dome

Looking at the Lakes Basin...

Summit box

View from Point 12,170' on...

SW Face Mt. Starr King

Looking South from below Shepherds Crest

nasa-girl on our epic climb!

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Viewing: 31-60 of 8008