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Granite Domes

Sunset from Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu

Photo Marrosu, year 2003,...

in the west face from col des Maures, view to Capu Tafunatu and the mediterranean sea, 05/12/07

Le Forcelle Summit

Monte Cinto

Monte Tiscali

The Cinto Massif seen from Bocca Culaghia

Towers in the Monte Corrasi...

Paglia Orba

Rocks 'n Stuff, May 24th 2004

Punta Maggiore (970m) seen...

Punta di l'Ariettu (1591m), Punta di u Pargulu (1785m), Punta di San Gio Agostino (1599m)

Below Monte Tiscali

Paglia Orba (2525 m)

Up along the "trail" between...

Punta Sant´Eliseo (1271 m)

Monte d'Oro

Looking towards Le Forcelle

Punta Onamarra (620m) und...

Monte Nieddu (784m), Punta di...

Le Forcelle

Monte Cinto

Nice weather rocks in the...

Summit view Punta Romasinu:...

Pic von Cube

On the ledge to Brèche de Missoghiu

Monte Incudine

Climbing near the Cateau Fort...

Timbolaccio cirque seen from Haut-Asco, Pampanosa couloir on the right, 05/12/07

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Viewing: 181-210 of 1161