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Mont Blanc

Grand Combin 4314m

Arolla Settentrionale Glacier

La Taillante

Could pass for some 6000m...

A fine mixed pitch

Moai, Invergnan glacier and...

Crossing from Gimillan Village to Les Laures Vallon

Aiguille de Bionnassay

To Tsassette's Combin & Tour of Boussine

Traversiere Meridionale Glacier

Becca Tsambeina

Aiguille Verte

Rutor Group

Eastern wall of Granta Parei 3387m

Aiguilles de Chamonix at...

(Ayas ... Winter Mont Ciosé from Ranzola Hill 2002

The Cabane de l'Ar Pitetta (or Arpitettaz) below Zinalrothorn

Dondena Refuge

Gran Becca du Mont also Bec de l'Ane & Saint Grat Lake from L'Arp Vieille September 2004

Punta Tersiva

Dents du Midi : Spur, Yellow...

Mont Blanc

Tête du Gavio or Testa del Gavio

Benevolo hut & Granta Parei

Petit Clocher du Portalet - SE Pillar

Mont Arp Vieille

Do not exaggerate too to tree by Snow Shoes 2004

Glaciers of the Monte Rosa

Le Tour Noir (3835m) emerging out of the clouds in the early morning light

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Viewing: 29251-29280 of 36052