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On Leppe Summits Snowy Cow Boys of the Alps 1978

Ref. Deffeyes 2494 m.

Italian side of the Mont Blanc range from Maison Vieille​

Snow dome of the Ciaforon

All ... Rutor Tête, Château Blanc & Mont Doravidi 2006

Rappelling down

7 Var. Auth. Grafeneire from Grand Tete de By 1979

Punta Ondezana

Dave's team on the Aiguille des Grands Montets

Early morning over Monte Rosa south face

Mont Vertosan

Alpine Lakes in the Aosta Valley

Come along!


Gorges de Trévans

CRYSTALS OF THE MONTE BIANCO (Lucianaz's Collection or Third Part)

Rimpfischorn west face...

Nearly Six and Half Various Authors (By Antonio) Crest or Cret Chapel above Lillaz in Cogne Valley

The summit of Mont Brule'

La calotta sommitale del...

Punta Fenilia

Punta Tersiva

By Snow Shoes Great Roise Range going to Mulac 2003

Aiguilles de Chamonix at...

From the Gorner Gletscher...

Downclimbing the Grand Gendarme

Frudière also Frudiera Walloon /4 Champ-Charlec Pastures

Torre di Lavina

Aiguille Noire de Peuterey

Aiguilles in Clouds...

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Viewing: 29311-29340 of 35957