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P. di Senevé Watershed Mary to Beaks of Fana 1996

Petite Roise

Bec Taillà

Dôme des Ecrins

Abseiling the Chèré Couloir.

Tête de Fonteinte

Aiguille de Malatrà or di Malatrat

Rutor Glacier

Comba Dèche in left or West from Mont Faroma 2015

Mont Blanc Skiing

Exit couloir

Glaciers of the Monte Rosa

Tour Ronde

Breuil Glacier

Ormelune: NW ridge, seen from...

The colors of Bianco Lake in...

le Lac sans Fond

Grande Becca du Mont and Arp Vieille from the Monumental Forest of larches of Usellières

The couvercle hut. A good...

Dents du Midi

Alpine Lakes in the Aosta Valley

Pulsatilla apiifolia

Mont Blanc du Tacul

Monte Rosa Panorama

Arête des Cosmiques

Folk ... & Curtain IV° By's Little Chapel

Alpine Lakes in the Aosta Valley

The summit of becca di Viou...

Where does the West Pennine and begin the Central

Mittagfluh Südkante

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Viewing: 33751-33780 of 41386