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Bec Tailla

Detail from Lyskamm east ridge

Täschhorn 4491m & Dom 4545m

A barrier

From left: Punta Tsissetta...

Mt Blanc Du Tacul

Mont Nery or Becca Frudiera

Folklore & ... Curtain III° ... Climbing to Carrel Hill

The Mont Vélan and the Grand...

Bassa Serra Points

CRYSTALS OF THE MONTE BIANCO (Lucianaz's Collection or Third Part)

Spring 2001, I took a picture...

a looking fine (to me) flower

Monte Bieteron

Weissmies, Mid-August 2005....

Becca del Merlo or Becca di Chamin

Il ghiacciaio del Money

Cascade de Lillaz (COGNE-Italy)

Alpine Lakes in the Aosta Valley

The "patriotic" Gross...

Barre des Ecrins from ascent on Grande Ruine

On the West-ridge

Petit Capucin - north wall -...


October 2001 Lac de Fenêtre

Panorama from Lysjoch

Nearly Seven Various Authors in B&W (By Marco) 1976

By Snow Shoes Great Roise Range going to Mulac 2003

Frudière also Frudiera Walloon /4 Champ-Charlec Pastures

Il versante nord della Grande Rochère (3326 m)

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