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B&W Mountain Photo

Skinning to Testa Crevacol

Pyramide Vincent (13828 ft / 4215 m ) West Face

Last sun hiking Becca d'Aver...

la Grand Assaly mt. 3166...

Gran Paradiso Glacier

Val di Rhêmes

Surroundings / B Gressan-Vilvon Hamlet Church 2015

From Tsaat a l'Etsena to Becchi di Fana 1975

Wetterhorn and Rosenhorn(?)...

To Tsassette's Combin & Tour of Boussine

Matterhorn and Dent d'Herens...

Valsavarenche & Val di Rhemes

Tête de Fonteinte

Punta Ondezana

From right: Doravidi South...

The Gran Ferret pass

Via Ferrata

alpine wildflower

pt. 2884.8 and Rohrbachstein (2950m)

Gran Combin range

Punta del Kastel and Cima di Cavergno

Aletschhorn 4195m

Cima di Peradzà

Pic Adolphe (got from a friend)

Alpine Lakes in the Aosta Valley

Vanils Range - Swiss Prealps

Arriving in Turin Alp on Nivolé Lower Tableland 2007

Here they arrived in 1902, found a rough Paradise abandoned by God & Men

Zyoule lakes, placed at the...

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Viewing: 33511-33540 of 40512