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Becca di Montandayné

Looking back to the south...

Punta di Lussert Returning neighbor Long Lake 2005

A team of three ascending the summit ridge of Aiguille d'Argentiere

Mont Creya

The Becca 2005 with in evidance the landslide of 2000

Winter dress for Roisetta...

Nordend from Zumsteinspitze. ...


Arpisson orientale Glacier

Fleckistock 3416m

Ober Gabelhorn ENE-ridge

La Grivola (3969 m) and its...

Monte Iverta from Frozen Loch

Glaciers of the Monte Bianco

Tête du Grand Etret

Testa Bernarda

Il massiccio del Monte Rosa...

Becca du Lac

All Frozen (Tuttogel ...) Batsèya or Bonseya Loch 2003

Roc (S Wall) Parete Sud Via Vaccarone

monte Faroma (3073 m), south...

Finsteraarhorn 4274m

The Pierre Avoi seen from the Crête de la Marlena

Punta Chalanson

Mont Lussé

Estoul Basin: Palasinaz Area "Stop those two!" 2006

Tête de la Marsare

The Boegno Ba ridge

Corno Nero 4.322 m

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