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Mont Blanc

Arguerey Meridionale Glacier

Punta Crevasse

Punta di Faveroy Ascending & Make his way in Life 2005

Da sinistra: la torre del...

Parties along Plateau du Trient

Marienhorn or Corno Maria into Frudiera Group

Bca. France Old landslide of July 1564 on SE Face 2015

Mont Vallette

CRYSTALS OF THE MONTE BIANCO (Lucianaz's Collection or Third Part)

Arête des Cosmiques

Ref. Deffeyes 2494 m.

Becca Tsambeina

Punta della Gua or Guà

Fenêtre de Champorcher

June 10 1968.


looking down

La punta Maurizio

From left: Entrelor...

Tête de la Tronche Ascending towards Col Sapin 2002

CRYSTALS OF THE MONTE BIANCO (Lucianaz's Collection or Third Part

a view from Mont Dolent (east)

Views of Mont Velan

Views of Fond Lake

Monte Rascias

Bec Taillà

Emilius's in the Summit ... Before the AVALANCHE 1980

Panoramic View from Géant Glacier

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Viewing: 32881-32910 of 40381