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Where does the West Pennine and begin the Central

Evening view to the Wildstrubel from the Lenkseeli lake

Gross Muttenhorn. Early in...

Tête de Fonteinte

"Ambin" Shelter.

Tour Ronde

P. di Senevé Watershed Mary to Beaks of Fana 1996

The upper Lac des Vaux (2500m)

la Grand Assaly mt. 3166

Mont Blanc

The Weisshorn's west side in evening light

la cima del Rutor (mt. 3486)

Crossing from Gimillan Village to Les Laures Vallon

Northern walls of Roccia Viva 3650m
and Becca di Gay 3621m from Valnontey (Cogne)

da sinistra: l'aiguille Noire...

From Salé Pass Pt. & Gr. Roise with Punta di Leppe 2003


Tsaat ... East & West Tops from Becchi di Fana 1975

Ormelune, West summit, 3.278...

La becca di Montandayne (3838...

Bec Taillà

Malatrà Alpage


June 2003 Weisshorn-West...

Punta del Tachuy or Arête du Tachuy

Tête de Ferret

from Lago di San Martino

La Grivola (3969 m.)

Il monte Paramont (3301 m.)...

Mont Valaisan or Valézan

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