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Wildflower near at the le Montenvers

Veiw from the top of Midi...

Tiefenstock 3515m

Jungfrau and Trümmelbach valley

The Descent of A Man, 1973

Nordend 4609m and Dufourspitze 4634m

Mont Creya

Androsace alpina

Dôme des Ecrins

On the last section of the...

Mont Cornet

Stecknadelhorn, Hoberghorn, Dirruhorn

Wetterhorn and Rosenhorn(?)...

Folk ... & Curtain IV° Velan's Jags

Descending the Hornli Ridge

The main routes of Monte Bianco (Only)

la Grand Assaly mt. 3166 dal...

Mont Blanc Skiing

Brade on Windgrat

Gran Paradiso Glacier

Aiguilles in Clouds...

Monte Doravidi

Glacier de Trient

CRYSTALS OF THE MONTE BIANCO (The Crystal Hunters First Part)

Ridge culminating with Torre del Tighet 2976m
seen from the head of the Tillac basin

Tête de Ferret

Views of Fond Lake

Aiguille Verte in clouds

Torre di Lavina

On the SW ridge of Gantrisch

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Viewing: 33151-33180 of 40538