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Trifthorn and Obergabelhorn,...

Rochefort ridge - Dent du Géant

impressive Toedi builds the...

Eiger North Face - classical...

Iffigsee, Iffighorn and Wildhorn Hut


Pointe Rousse

1963 - Price List.

The Breithorn ridge viewed...

The summit of becca di Viou...

Tiefenstock 3515m

Grivola seen from Pascal Bivouac

Details of Gliairetta...

Plattes des Chamois Glacier

Mont Nery or Becca Frudiera

Punta Crevasse

Wildstrubel huts (red) with...

Gross Ruchen 3138m

Grignetta routes

Mont Barbeston, Mont Lyan & Mont Bec 2013

Approaching the summit via...

Exposed scrambling while...

F & C IV° Aig.s de Luisettes de Valsorey- Rateau-Gr. Carré

Cosmiques hut at sunset

Alpine Lakes in the Aosta Valley

Arbolle ... Valaisan Pass between P. Rossa & Garin 2015

A Journey into P.N.G.P. lasted half a Century

Pizzo d'Andolla

Grande Rousse complete Traverse Frames to South 1980

Pizzo Cassinello 3103m (left) &Pizzo di Cassimoi 3129m (right)

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Viewing: 32701-32730 of 40589