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Peak "2,917"

Moregallo, 09-12-2005

Lost in clouds

Gran Zebru from the bottom of Hintergrat

Campground near the Trailhead

Map 2

Hohes Rad from Bielerhöhe

The normal route from Val...

View from the summit of Palon dal Mont

Monte Cistella

A waterfall tumbling down the flanks of the Silvrettahorn on the Ochsental Glacier

Go on, jump!

Looking up the Wildspitze north face

Monte Tamaro and Monte Gambarogno

Summit log container on the Hintere Jamspitze


Gfallwand NW ridge, with the false summit beckoning


Matterhorn, 3 February 2017

Pign D'Arolla , 29 juli 2005

Ice climbing - 4th pitch Cascade de Bonatchiesse

Val Quarazza




Abundant flowers on the western flanks of the Weissmies group

Subdued colors of the Val Madris

Lazinser Rötelspitze SE ridge

Weissnollen map routes

The sign marking the trail to the Kleinlitzner via ferrata

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Viewing: 121-150 of 31952