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Don't look down!

Young chamois testing their strength (3/3)

Silberhorn VI

Descending normal route...;)

Fog over Wildes Mannle

Steep down climbing on crumbling rock awaits me on the west side of Schwarzhorn


Chains securing some the tricky parts of the route up the Lazinser Rötelspitze

See that small patch of red and white?

View from the summit of Piz Cocian back down the south ridge

Zooming in on Großlitzner and Gross Seehorn from Hohes Rad

Kreuzspitze normal route, as...

Gfallwand NW ridge, with the false summit beckoning

Steinhaushorn. The valley on...

Martin in chimey..

Planura Route - Clariden

Breslauer Hütte

Mountain squad

Looking towards Uina Gorge from Uina Dadaint

Martini W.

Wilco having fun at the Saarbrücker Hütte

Jannie on a snow field high in the Ochsental

Approaching the Lazinser Rötelspitze summit cross

Hermann enjoying the view into Switzerland from the Hintere Jamspitze

Piz Bianco Summit

Full relax mode

Martini W.

Roda Val della Neve, Via Canali

Extended Directors Cut Elevation Profile

At the Seelücke

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Viewing: 181-210 of 27321