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Spring 2001, I took a picture...

Mont Blanc and Mont Maudit


Il colle d'Entrèves (3517 m)

Becca Tsambeina

Aiguilles de Chamonix at...

Tête de Fonteinte

Mont Cornet

Pizzo Giezza, summit view To W.

Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix, Aiguilles Rouges

I ... America, Nanga Buffalo Bill to Punta Cian 1977

Testa del Rutor, Chateau Blanc and Doravidi from the vicinity of monte Colombo

Descending from Gran Paradiso

Mont Cordine South-southeast Wall

Mont Monchette E-NE Face & N Corner


C X° Emilius, Blantsette, Nona & "Dzacquin" Lake from Roèses Mountain Chain 1996

Ciaforon seen from the west...

Dave's team on the Aiguille des Grands Montets

Petit Avert Turati's little Shelter

Finsteraarhorn 4274m - North-west ridge

Aiguilles de Chamonix and Mont Blanc from Aiguille de l'Index

My Panoramic Pictures

Bec Taillà


Grand Combin

la Grand Assaly mt. 3166

Details of Gliairetta...

Punta di Lussert From Northeast over Leppe Pass 2005

My Panoramic Pictures

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