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Almost at the Halsljoch, I can already see the sign post

Enzensperger Weg

On the summit of Piza da la Val dal Forn

Kleiner Göll

Crossing M. Salinchiet

Route marker in the snow



Laliderer Spitze, normal...

Dawn over the Platteikogel (3426 m)

Furtschagl Haus



Breitspitze summit cross, seen from the true summit, just a little bit to the east

From Schwarzenberg to Hohe Kugel


A part of the glacier came...

Saliso (ancient way near Lusiana -VI-)

See that small patch of red and white?

Hasenöhrl Summit

Scrambling up the Dreiländerspitze

A sunny day in the Kromertal

Gran Zebru from the bottom of Hintergrat

Gross Glockner east approaches

Lots of signs at the parking lot at the entrance of the Gleirschtal

august 2005 cima groste

Start into 'Rote Flüh direct...

Ampferkogel and Weißmaurachkopf from the Hohe Geige normal route

Full relax mode

Fog over Wildes Mannle

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Viewing: 121-150 of 27447