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Family hike

The Chief standing tall in...

Crossing Swiftcurrent Glacier...

Marching off to the...

Mount Calowahcan from the NW

Chief Mountain from the southwest.

Peak 8542; Wahcheechee Mountain

Trumpeters and moose at Kootenai Lakes

Camas Ridge & Vaught

Drops and Leaf


Mount Gould, from Oberlin.

Allen Mountain & Grinnell Lake

Summit View North

Mount Siyeh above Cracker Lake

Kootenai Peak and Moose

Heaven's Peak

Looking west from the summit...

Chief Mountain is best viewed from Alberta

jackson glacier 2007

Reynolds Mountain rising above the clouds

Quick and Dirty - Waterton

Mount Gould and Swiftcurrent Glacier

Stanton Mountain - Souteast Slope Route

Mt. Cleveland

Mount St Nicholas(GNP)

A good illustration of the...


The view SW from the summit of Chief Mountain

2,000 feet down to Kennedy Lake

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Viewing: 2221-2250 of 2389