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dug 1/3 up Mini-Moonflower

View from the Flight

Almost to Windy Corner

Be Alert!

Denali from Mile 9

Savage River, Denali

The Alaska Range near the Upper Ruth Glacier-Great Gorge, near the Don Sheldon Ampitheater.

Route from 11K to 14K

McKinley - on the fixed lines

Gear for Denali

The Approch to Second Shot Glacier-Alaska Range.

The Two Adventurers on Second Shot Glacier.


Polychrome Mountain

Second Shot Glacier, Alaska Range, from the Air.

Looking Down the Ruth Glacier Gorge from the Great Gorge

DEnali For Dreams Team

View from Flight on to Glacier

Medial Moraine in the Alaska Range.

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The Upper Great Gorge with -Don Sheldon Ampitheater-Alaska Range.

Climbers approaching the Headwall.

The Wickersham wall of Mount McKinley (Denali) looms to the right of our plane.

Coming up on one shot pass

The snow starts

Mount Foraker

Map of the Great Gorge

Flight on to the Glacier

Bear Track

Summit June 10th, 2002

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