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normanorem normanorem
Score: 0% Views: 5289

San Juan, Utah, United States, North America

Object Type: landmark
Vahid Ashrafi Vahid Ashrafi
Score: 75.81% Views: 5862

Tabas, Yazd, Iran, Asia

Object Type: caving
Longitude: 57.25525
Latitude: 34.75741
om om
Score: 74.01% Views: 3979

Savoie, France, Europe

Object Type: Historical Ascent report
Parents: Mont Blanc
FlatheadNative FlatheadNative
Score: 0% Views: 2073

Object Type: july test
FlatheadNative FlatheadNative
Score: 0% Views: 1736

Object Type: June test
tanya tanya
Score: 74.01% Views: 2378

Utah, United States,

Object Type: Formatting
Longitude: -112.69363
Latitude: 37.21064
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