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franza mosco franza mosco
Score: 91.14% Views: 5618

Image Type(s): Panorama
Antonio Giani Antonio Giani
Score: 89.39% Views: 5779

Image Type(s): Alpine Climbing
Score: 82.48% Views: 2321

Image Type(s): Scenery
Dean Dean
Score: 73.06% Views: 4222

Nevada, United States, North America

Difficulty: Walk up
Parents: Mount Davidson (NV)
OsvaldoCardellina OsvaldoCardellina
Score: 87.76% Views: 10469

Aosta Northwestern and Switzerland Southern Valleys, Aosta Valley/Switzerland, Italy, Europe

Elevation: 14692 ft / 4478 m
Brian Kalet Brian Kalet
Score: 74.92% Views: 6519
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Colorado, United States, North America

Date Climbed/Hiked: Aug 19, 2007 Parents: "Window Peak" Rio Grande Pyramid
Diggler Diggler
Score: 73.06% Views: 6988

Difficulty: 5.3
Parents: Joshua Tree National Park
Bob Sihler Bob Sihler
Score: 80.49% Views: 503

Montana, United States, North America

Elevation: 8712 ft / 2655 m
Parents: Ptarmigan Wall Glacier National Park, MT
TyeDyeTwins TyeDyeTwins
Score: 79.04% Views: 2462

Utah, United States, North America

Parents: Little Cottonwood Canyon
vladbreton vladbreton
Score: 71.06% Views: 3792

Mexico, Mexico, North America

Difficulty: V, 5.8, AD/D, A1,
Parents: Nevado de Toluca (Xinantecatl)
Score: 79.04% Views: 28789

Macedonia, Europe

Elevation: 8533 ft / 2601 m
aaporik aaporik
Score: 18.37% Views: 2996

TurgutTarhan TurgutTarhan
Score: 80.49% Views: 20857

Mugla / Fethiye, Turkey, Europe

Elevation: 6460 ft / 1969 m
TurgutTarhan TurgutTarhan
Score: 0% Views: 5267

Mugla / Fethiye, Turkey, Europe

Difficulty: Walk-up with some easy rocky passages
Parents: Babadag
hgrapid hgrapid
Score: 76.66% Views: 8041

Sierra, California, United States, North America

Elevation: 8760 ft / 2670 m
Parents: California 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks
Liba Kopeckova Liba Kopeckova
Score: 76.66% Views: 228

La Plata, Colorado, United States, North America

Elevation: 13180 ft / 4017 m
Parents: Colorado 13ers San Juan Range
BobSmith BobSmith
Score: 85.87% Views: 8418

North Carolina, United States, North America

Elevation: 3054 ft / 931 m
Parents: Linville Gorge
dwhike dwhike
Score: 72.89% Views: 6934
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North Carolina, United States, North America

Date Climbed/Hiked: Jun 14, 2006 Parents: Linville Gorge
Dow Williams Dow Williams
Score: 80.49% Views: 5002

Utah, United States, North America

Parents: West Canyon, 5.8-5.11b
yatsek yatsek
Score: 74.92% Views: 529

Image Type(s): Hiking
Parents: Babia Góra / Babia hora
Tomek Lodowy Tomek Lodowy
Score: 96.75% Views: 20802

Poland, Slovakia, Europe

Elevation: 5659 ft / 1725 m
Parents: European Contiental Divide Western Beskids
wlado wlado
Score: 77.48% Views: 1894

Image Type(s): Scenery
vvujisic vvujisic
Score: 83.1% Views: 3997

MAGANIK, Montenegro, Europe

Elevation: 6926 ft / 2111 m
Parents: Maganik
MegasAlexandros MegasAlexandros
Score: 0% Views: 1491

Image Type(s): Scenery