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A Herd of Llamas and Nevado Coropuna

A Curious Vicuña

Vicuña Alongside the Road

Nevado Firura

The High Plain Above Ayahuasi

Wild Bull On the Trail

There's the Canyon, Where's the Trail?

Looking Up Canyon From the Trail

Campsite at 14,500'

No One Is Home

Another Ridge With Two Peaks

Looking Down From 16,000'

The Highest Peak Is On the Left

The Rock Peak Is On My List

Firura Is On the Right

No Trail There

Peruvian Children

Looking Down on Cotahuasi

The Ruins and Graves are On Top of the Green Saddle

This is the Top of a Pottery Jar of the Type Used to Carry Water

Being Lowered Into Sipia Falls

This Was the Opening Right Behind Me

This Was the First Hole I Looked In

Here Is Where All the Skulls Are!

These Are Old Terraced Fields Near the Canyon Bottom

More Terraces, Closer to the Ruins

Cotahuasi Tradition Restaurant

Little House on the High Plain

Ma, There's a Gringo Here

Got Soap?

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Viewing: 1-30 of 688