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Waterfall in the highlands, south east of Chivay

Nevado Mismi in the clouds

Sunbathing lizard


Lizard close up

Alpine Flower

Looking down Quebrada Achacullo

A distant view of Nevado Mismi

Clouds over the high plain

Early morning light on Nevado Mismi

Rime on my tent, early in the morning

Nevado Huarancante in the morning

Panorama of the badlands north west of Chucura, west of Huarancante

Nevado Ampato, Volcán Sabancaya and Nevado Hualca Hualca from the east

Camping high in Quebrada Huanta Occo, below Nevado Huarancante

Yaretas in front of the NW-ridge of Huarancante

The long northwest ridge leading to the summit of Nevado Huarancante, seen from the west

Panorama of the long northwest ridge of Nevado Huarancante

Nevado Chucura NW ridge

A herd of alpacas high in Quebrada Huanta Occo

A scarecrow? No, it can't be

Nevado Huarancante and Nevado Chucura from the west

Telecom tower along the approach route

Nevado Huarancante from the north

Nevado Huarancante and Nevado Chucura from the west

Nevado Huarancante

Nevado Huarancante

Clouds on Nevado Huarancante

Schematic map of the area around Nevado Huarancante

Schematic detail map of Nevado Huarancante

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