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Is there a new cone growing on Chachani?

Defeat at Chachani

view to Chachani from our hostel in Arequipa

on the dirtroad up to the drop-off point at around 5000m

our driver and guide, El Misti in the background

drop-off point, basecamp is at the bright spot below the saddle

walking up to base camp. the air is cold but the sun burns .

first icefield


sunrise over the valley

going for the light

view back to where we came from

last ice-field before summit

in the saddle below summit

Chachani summit

2 french guys, my girlfriend and I

plateau just below the summit

close-up of Nevado Coropuna

Nevado Ampato (left), Sabancaya (center) and Hualca Hualca (left)

on the way back to basecamp

impressions at 5700 m

view to El Misti

a herd of shy Vicunhas



Vicuñas on the road up to Chachani

Base camp, Chachani

Base camp, Chachani

Only minutes from the top

Moon over Chachani, early in the morning

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Viewing: 1-30 of 721