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Sunset on Cordillera Occidental

Volcan Guayaques (5590m - Bolivia)

Flying Hawk

Vulcão Licancabur 5.915m / Bolívia

Walking up the Road

Looking Towards the Summit

Jerry on the Final Climb

GPS Reading, Cerro Toco

Laguna Blanca (4320m - Bolivia)

Flamingo taking off

Volcan Juriques (5680m - Chile)

Lascar Volcano

Lascar Volcano

The Lascar Volcano

On the route to the summit

Fabio Pina on the steeper route

Lascar Main Crater (900m in...

Beatiful view on the way up...

Fabio Pina in the Lascar summit

Sunset on the base camp after...

Fabio Pina, coming back to...

Lascar Summit

Lascar BC

What do we have for dinner tonight ?

Laguna verde panorama

Volcanoes on the Puna

Cordillera Occidental - Map 4

Licancabur from Valley of the Moon

Lagunas Blanca and Verde from the slopes of Licancabur

Hiding from the wind on the summit of Licancabur

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