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Chopicalqui, Huascarán Sur and Huascarán Norte from the summit of Yanapaccha

Yanapaccha Summit Ridge

The summit ridge on Yanapaccha

On the summit ridge of Yanapaccha - no need to cross this part

Chacraraju from the summit ridge on Yanapaccha

The east ridge of Yanapaccha


The sun disappearing behind Huandoy

Huandoy Este and Pisco early in the morning

Portachuelo de Llanganuco

Panorama of Chopicalqui, Huascarán Sur and Huascarán Norte from the road to Yanapaccha

Pisco from Moraine

The upper Llanganuco valley and Chacraraju

Laguna 69

Nevado Pisco / Peru

Huascaran Sur y Norte

Punta Union 360° panorama

Northwest Ridge

Summit mushroom

Pisco Refuge and Chopicalqui

Pisco Summit Panorama

Pisco Refuge

Broken Glacier on Chopicalqui

Huascarán Norte from the approach to Chopicalqui

Descending to Pisco Moraine

Chopicalquis Mushroom summit

High Camp on Chopicalqui

Northern Cordillera Blanca at Sunrise

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Viewing: 1-30 of 916