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Jatunmontepuncu south face

Twilight over Ranrapalca

Annotated panorama of the southern Cordillera Blanca

Panorama of the southern Cordillera Blanca

Nevado Pucaranra (6156m)

Jatunmontepuncu summit view

Nevado Palcaraju (6274m) from Nevado Jatunmontepuncu (5415m)

Nevado Tullparaju (5787m) from Nevado Jatunmontepuncu (5415m)

Luguna Tullpacocha

Downclimbing on Huapi

Morning Light

Summit of Urus

Nevado Pucaranra from the south

Pucaranra from the south

Jatunmontepuncu from the SSE

Nevado Pucaranra

Vallunaraju Base Camp



Alpenglow on Tocllaraju

Nevado Huantsan seen from the...

Col Camp

Annotated panorama from Ishinca

The southeast ridge of Palcaraju

Climbers on the SW route to Ishinca, with Ranrapalca in the background

It looks steeper than it is

Ishinca Below

Summit of Nevado Ischinca

Jatunmontepuncu dwarfed by Chopiraju and Cayesh, from Ishinca

Ranrapalca from Ishinca

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Viewing: 1-30 of 939