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The Christmas Mountains as...

The Chisos Mountains as seen...

Christmas Mountains

Chisos Mountains from Paint Gap Hills

Prickly Pear Cactus

Casa Grande Through The Window

Tribute to MoapaPk

Back Side of Vernon Bailey

Window Pour-Off View

Window Pour-Off

Talus Slope on Backside Route

Oak Creek Canyon

Western Desert and Flank of Vernon Bailey from Upper Promontory

Another Magnificent View

Peaks 6490 and 6755 from North Summit

Carter Peak, Western Desert, Cattail Creek, & Oak Spring from Vernon Bailey Summit

Main Summit & Western Desert from North Summit

Amon Carter from the summit of Casa Grande

Amon Carter

Nearing the base

The last Stretch

Summit shot

Amon Carter on the Window trail

Vernon Bailey from Casa...

A view from Casa Grande. Here...

Vernon Bailey

The huge mass of Vernon Bailey

Vernon Bailey from the...

Taken from 1/3 of the way up...

upper portion of the South...

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