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The Duo from Ajo and Kinney

Eastern slopes of Golden Gate Mountain

Easy scramble to summit

Final push to summit

Looking up at Golden Gate

Lower northeastern slopes

Nearing the saddle between highpoints

Diagram - northeast slopes

Barrel Cactus and Gates Pass

UN 3990 and Mount Lemmon

Cactus and rock garden

Cat Mountain and Tucson Estates

Desert flora from the Yetman Trail

On the Golden Gate Mountain summit

Rocky northern summit of Golden Gate Mountain

South from the summit

Saguaro Sentinel

Summit Cairn and Mt. Lemmon

Teddy Bear Cholla

Tower, Bushmaster & Neighbors

Typical off-trail conditions

Descending Golden Gate Mountain

Desert Deuce Route Map

Heat of the Moment ..


Amphitheater on southeast side

"Bren's Better" from the valley

Desert Pom Poms

"Bren's Better" from Golden Gate Mountain

"Bren's Better" from the northwest

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Viewing: 1-30 of 1580