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Paximadia Island

Overview map of Crete

Looking westward towards the Levka Ori Range

Dia Island

Looking down on Oros Angathes

Kedros as seen from Psiloritis

The Kouloukonas Range

Oros Asteroussia

Ophrys candica f. minoa

Samaria Gorge

Geroskinos (762m)

Descending Psiloritis towards Angathias

The Kouloukonas Range with Dia Island

The double headed summit of Mavri

Vulture scouting the slopes of Psiloritis

A long way to go ...

Thistles and rocks

The last olive trees

A very hazy Crete

On the summit of Angathias

Psiloritis massif

Sunset on the slopes of Psiloritis

Sunset on the slopes of Psiloritis

Fourfouras trailhead

Psilotiris (2456m), Stolistra (2325m)

The Analipsis Plain as seen from the Trailhead to Psiloritis

Arum creticum

Arum idaeum

Dracunculus vulgaris

Looking towards the Dikti Mountain Range

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